New perpetual-ish race schedule now in effect! Much like the thursday World Championships, tracklocross is now "scheduled" for the first Sunday of every month, 10:00 (arrive by 09:30 to pre-ride the course). If you're available to help with setup, please let the community know on the @fiestaislandcx comments Or, start a conversation on the Strava club page or in IG comments, link below.

2023 dates, as of now - check @fiestaislandcx on IG for the latest

  • Jan 8
  • Feb 5
  • Mar 5
  • Apr 2
  • May 7
  • Jun 4
  • Jul 2
  • Aug 6
  • Sep 3
  • Oct 1
  • Nov 5
  • Dec 3
What do you need to race? Well, the list is intimidating, one must admit:
  • a bike (any bike, but tracklocross bikes are cooler and more fun than any other type)
  • a human to ride said bike
  • a water bottle
  • beer to share
  • a cheering section
  • your dog(s)
  • pit wheels/spares
  • a pump and maybe some tools

Join the Google Group for email updates, very occasionally.

Meet for pre-lap at start-finish line, which is best accessed via the gate opposite the waterski-jump area a few hundred yards past the dog park section of the "island."

No race numbers, no entry fees, no registration, no UCI nonsense.

One lap takes about 10 minutes and comprises 2.8 miles. A race is 5 laps, so most fit riders will finish in 50-60 minutes.

Tracklocross bikes are encouraged, as fixed is more fun and there's really no need for brakes on this course. Plus, whip-skids in dirt. Tires: ~35-45mm gravel or cyclocross tires. Any bike is fine, but cyclocross/gravel seems to be fastest.

Race results are tallied by Strava and the Druids of Peacehenge, a shadowy sect of ancient wizards who have dwelled upon Fiesta Island since before recorded history.

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